Why I Paused This Blog…

Oops, I haven’t posted anything here for… *checks calendar*, 8 months now, but I’ve noticed people are still reading my older posts (e.g. I’m getting DMs about my stay22 review). So, I thought I should at least put an “out for lunch” sign up here.

About a year ago I figured my blogging business needed a kick in the butt. I decided to do several things:

  1. Focus Indie Traveller on a core destination for a while, mining one topic as much as I could. I wanted to see if I could essentially build a niche site wrapped inside my broad topic site, creating a new topic pillar for Indie Traveller. This has proven to be a very fruitful strategy. And Indie Traveller luckily weathered the Helpful Content Update without too many issues.
  2. Launch a YouTube channel for Indie Traveller. This has been creatively invigorating and is adding some diversification to my income streams. While it’s a lot harder to make money on YouTube than with a blog, you can do things in video you simply can’t in written form, so I love having a new outlet for a different style of content.
  3. Launch a micro niche blog on a small travel destination. This blog really performed beyond expectations, ranking incredibly well after only 5 months. This DA4 blog proves to me again that DA is a terrible metric: I’ve done barely any link-building for it and this small blog alone is on course to represent 20% of my overall income. You don’t always need high DA!

With several plates spinning, “blogging about blogging” kind of fell by the wayside. I’m currently working on expanding my niche blog, will build it a sister site on an adjacent topic, and I’m using whatever time I have left to edit videos.

I’m thinking of maybe doing some YouTube videos on blogging / content creator and using this domain to link to different resources, but we’ll see.

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