Podcast: How I Turned A Sabattical Into A Blogging Career

I was recently a guest on the Offbeat Life podcast, which is all about how you can work remotely, become location-independent, and find success working online.

In the episode, I share the story of my “offbeat life”, and how I switched from a regular job at a large company to becoming a self-employed blogger and traveller.

I discusss how experiencing three corporate layoffs was the catalyst for me deciding to travel long-term, how this made me start the Indie Traveller blog, and how a side-project turned into a source of income that supports my location-independent lifestyle.

You can listen to the episode here, or listen below:

Debbie has an amazing blog at The Offbeat Life that dives deeply into how you can live anywhere, work remotely, and create the lifestyle you want. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast in which she has interviewed hundreds of digital nomads, travelers, and online entrepreneurs.

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