How To Succeed In Travel Blogging: Some Heartfelt Tips From 5 Years In

One of the biggest issues that newbie travel bloggers face is having the wrong mindset when creating their content.

Because travel blogs often get their start as side projects or personal blogs, they are often highly focused on the author instead of on the reader.

Even experienced travel bloggers can fall into the trap of being too focused on showing off their travels and only being the center of attention instead of creating value for their readers.

The reality is that even if your blog is hugely personality-based, it’s essential to be highly audience-focused. This shift in mindset can truly boost your travel blog. Once you think a bit differently about your content, a lot of other things can click into place.

In this video, I talk about how you can be more focused on your audience and understand what they want from your blog. I also discuss setting your expectations when you’re starting out, and how to shift from only publishing new content to boosting your existing content as well.

You can give it watch here:

By the way, I recorded this video when I reached 5 years of full-time travel blogging. I’m now 10 years in and some things have changed. I think most beginner bloggers have a better understanding of SEO these days, as it’s now taught so much better. But I still believe it’s essential to be aware of your audience in a deeper way.

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