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Cloudways Hosting Review – From Just An Actual Person Using It

While searching for reviews of Cloudways, I found mainly generic comparison tables or super nitpicky technical reviews (“which host is 3 milliseconds faster?!”, oh dear). I thought instead I’d share my hands-on impressions as a Cloudways customer. I initially hesitated to move my sites to Cloudways. This was mainly due to Reddit threads where some … Read more

Should You Start A Travel Blog? (Or Is It Too Late…)

I thought I’d answer one of the most common questions I get specifically about travel blogging: is there too much competition these days? After all, this is a very popular niche, for the simple fact that it’s an exciting topic and almost everyone loves to travel. Just like food blogging has exploded in the past 5 … Read more

Podcast: How I Turned A Sabattical Into A Blogging Career

I was recently a guest on the Offbeat Life podcast, which is all about how you can work remotely, become location-independent, and find success working online. In the episode, I share the story of my “offbeat life”, and how I switched from a regular job at a large company to becoming a self-employed blogger and … Read more