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10 Ways To Grow Your Travel Blog (From 0 to 100,000+ Monthly Visitors)

Want to be a successful travel blogger? Maybe travel the world for free? Swim in passive online income like some kind of Scrooge McDuck? Well… it’s certainly possible to “live the dream”. But there’s one tiny thing keeping you from achieving instantaneous success: you just can’t create an audience by snapping your fingers. Sadly, many … Read more

Podcast: How I Turned A Sabattical Into A Blogging Career

I was recently a guest on the Offbeat Life podcast, which is all about how you can work remotely, become location-independent, and find success working online. In the episode, I share the story of my “offbeat life”, and how I switched from a regular job at a large company to becoming a self-employed blogger and … Read more

Why I’m Done With Amazon Associates

I originally posted this in April 2020, which was an emotional time. Not only did the pandemic slash my travel blog’s income by 90%, but Amazon rubbed salt in an open wound by slashing their affiliate rates at the exact same time. I still use Amazon Associates in a few places, but with an average … Read more

My Honest Xolo Leap Review (Pros & Cons)

There has been much buzz among digital nomads and online workers about Estonia lately. The innovative e-Residency program of this small Baltic state allows anyone in the world to use its e-government systems and set up a remotely managed company. Since I’ve been nomadic and have lived in different countries while working online, it made … Read more